Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nuclear weapon can solve a socially justice solution in minutes,while social justice can takes a thousands years to solve a nuclear weapon solution

In term of how can we as a socially justice peace loving people solve the solution of nuclear weapons? The answer would be that nothing we can possibly do about it,because these are not only on one particular hand.They are on world wide hands and by attempting to prevent this from happening is that the ownership of nuclear weapons will claim that we are breaking the law of their rights,because for sure there is a reason why they have nuclear weapons. Therefore we cannt do nothing about it.but we can do something to prevent it from being use.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Could we possibly solve the Nuclear Weapons problem?

The answer to nuclear weapon solution will vary because it is almost impossible to believe that anyone who has a nuclear weapon will give up easily,because building it cost millions of dollars to make it possibly stand on it feet. On the other hand,this is world wide issue not something that is on one hand,if it was at least one country the international community would at least have a word in it then we,as a social justice loving people would cherish for that to make it possibly be solve.Also if it was like somewhere in developing countries it would be easily solve but these are on hands of the world tops countries that no one can attempt to prevent them from whatever decision they came up with,especially the United states as the world second top nuclear weapon builder after Russia.
by Prof. Mahendra Bhawsar

The stakeholders build nuclear weapons and think that they will solve the problem but they can destroy the world if they are on this people  hands.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

World threat?

There are more than twelve countries worldwide that are stakeholders of nuclear weapon,and one out of these numbers is considered to be a threat of having a nuclear weapon. Pleas check out this article!
The question is why is it the odd one while there are countries that have over thousands of nuclear weapon and they are not considering themselves to be a threat. However the answer to this would be that its mostly about the competition,countries are competiting around the world of who is going to be on top or who is going to be the most powerful nation on earth,and so when this is going on the countries that are already on top or in power do not want to see the lower countries to jump over them.
An example would be the reaction of the United states and Israel toward Iran,which can be some what logical because Iran some how got involve in obtaining terrorist in its territory which is convincible because terrorist can uses them to persue their needs. THerfore the United States or Israel should not prevent Iran of having a nuclear weapon even though there is a chance Iran can be considers to be a threat.Since Israel and the US plus the rest of the countries around the world have nuclear weapons and they can be even more threat then Iran,so why preventing Iran from developing it nuclear weapon?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Causes of Nuclear weapons

The reason why this is happening is kind of like international competition of who is better or who is going to be on top of the world. The other reason is for the security purpose not every country in the world has them,but some nations that are involved with nuclear weapons are the world top competitors.
The reason for this includes the country's defense against enemy attacks for example,when Japan attacked USA,in world war II,then the USA attacked them back for the first time that the nuclear weapon was with in the world and the result was this
check out this pictures
After the WWII no one has ever used them again,because this weapon are so effective toward living things on this planet the are mankind murder and anyone that attempt to know them when be the cause of living things death on earth.
This weapons has contrast on it,there is bad and good in it,first when they were used by the USA they ended war between Japan and the USA and that was the end of the world war too,on the other hand,since that time Japanese people are still affected by the used of that weapon even today.
The other reason is that when they were invented no anyone nation has attempts to attack another nation with nuclear weapon because they become threats to living species lives. The countries that contain nuclear weapons are United States,Russia (former Soviet Union),United Kingdom,France,China,India,Pakistan North Korea,Israel,South Africa,and Iran.
These are the countries that are involves in Nuclear weapons but some seems to be a threat of having those weapons to people,especially the worries of terrorist may be involved and uses them,because these weapons will definitely destroy the entire planet and all humankind will be affects by the gas and radiation these weapons releases.

Friday, May 4, 2012


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The threat of Nuclear Weapons to human lives on earth

Nuclear weapons are the most extremely weapons of mass destruction,capable of destroying entire cities and nations in minutes.They are are biological time of bombs;deadly radioactive residues created by nuclear explosions are banish indiscriminately over time and space to kill,sicken and modify future generations of all living things. Nuclear weapons forward an almost invented degree of power to those who detachment them.Nations that obtain nuclear weapons are transformed, within the minds of neighbors and contending, into inhuman entities whose intentions are always evil and untrustworthy. Any enemy with a nuclear weapons becomes an absolute enemy. They are tools of genocide;their fundamental effects kill millions and their long-term radiological and environmental effects threaten the continued existence of humans and most complex forms of life on earth. Nuclear weapons create security demands which destroy democratic traditions and eliminate individual rights. Even a complete police state will be hard pressed to prevent nuclear weapons from being export across its borders pr carried into its landing.